Natural bristles: extremely soft to the touch, offer the advantage of an even and uniform application of powder products.

Synthetic bristles: have a very smooth surface on which makeup residue does not adhere. Thanks to this characteristic, they are non-absorbent and guarantee a better application of cream and liquid makeups.

Brush care and hygiene
Brushes, both of synthetic or natural bristles, coming into direct contact with one’s skin make them fertile territory for the growth of germs and bacteria. Makeup residue, if not removed, can remain trapped in the bristles, which, with time, harden and tend to break, compromising a brush’s performance and results. Regular care and maintenance is therefore indispensable in order to better preserve brush tools and guarantee their safe use with regard to personal hygiene.
It is suggested that brushes be washed weekly by dampening the brush head with water and a drop of neutral soap. Lather and massage to help the soap penetrate into the bristles, to eliminate all traces of makeup. Rinse under lukewarm, running water until all soap and makeup has been removed.
For makeup that is more difficulty removed, emerge the head of the brush into a solution of soap and water for a few minutes. Rub gently, without twisting or pulling the bristles and rinse. Lay on a soft, clean towel and leave to air dry.